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c. 1980

Then & Now

County records weren't tightly managed way back in the early 1800's, but sometime around the turn of that century, Walnut Hill was settled in the hills above Browntown Virginia.  Renowned for it's old growth forests, fertile land, and premier hunting, the Shenandoah area had gained continual settlements through the 1700 and 1800's.  In 1899 a fire destroyed the main house.  The only structure to survive was the servant quarters.  A new home was rebuilt by 1900 and the quarters was converted into a wash house and used for the next five or six decades. The legacy of all former occupants live on at Walnut Hill.

Walnut Hill is a 500+ acre private tract, nestled up to the Shenandoah National Park at the foot of the Appalachian Trail. Our elegant venue affords privacy, expansive panoramic views of Virginia’s breathtaking beauty, and a wide variety luxury amenities for your special event.  A pavilion, carriage house, an 18th and a 19th century cabin, a barn, various outbuildings, and a lovely manor home with beautiful outdoor entertainment areas will provide the perfect setting. This venue is expansive, filled with rustic charm, and is meticulously maintained.  Your guests will be amazed walking and exploring the grounds.  Walnut Hill is the perfect setting for any wedding or event.  

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